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#BreakTheBias and Celebrating #BoldMoves: Women's History Month 2022

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Puremaven advocates for diversity and inclusion by enabling gender balance everywhere it matters in society - in workplaces; in schools, colleges, and universities; in communities. We believe that many preconceived notions of women's roles and limitations - biases - are a learned mindset, and therefore, there can be unlearned. They make it even more difficult for women to achieve and move ahead, and the world is truly missing out on the opportunities a gender-equal world presents.

We all know that it takes a village for systemic change to happen. At the same time, we recognize that change needs to start with ourselves, not just with awareness but also, and more importantly, with action. In celebration of International Women's Day and Month 2022, we invite you, wherever you may be, to shine the spotlight on someone you know who admirably either: (1) is leading an action-oriented effort to #breakthebias towards a more inclusive and gender-equal world, or (2) personifies what it means to make #boldmoves that push women's place in our society forward. Do so by naming your nominated individual in the comments below and describing in less than twenty (20) words what they have authentically done along the above themes, and why such action has or will make a huge difference. We'll be accepting nominations until April 07, 2022, Thursday.

After April 07, the top three (3) most inspiring actions will be selected from the submissions, and the resulting three winning pairs (nominator and nominee) will be given the opportunity to celebrate Women's Month through empowering self-care. These chosen ones will get the chance to choose any one of the five following expert self-care experiences hosted by top, curated wellness and beauty professionals - Mavens - who are part of Puremaven's vetted roster of experts.


The Meditative Facial Yoga

Hosted by Lily Agosto, a Maven with the unique distinction of being both a licensed (and celebrity) skincare professional and a certified Reiki Master, this is a group masterclass that expertly incorporates mindfulness and wellness to daily skin routines.


The Classic Scalp Treatment

Hosted by Maven Ruben Ramos, a 20-year licensed hairstylist specializing in hair loss-prevention, scalp-care, and additional-hair, this group masterclass zeroes in on the often-overlooked scalp health and is designed to change the way we approach the scalp. This is both a power-charged informational class combined with a relaxing treatment.


The Skin Brightening Duet Masterclass

Hosted by Maven Carolyn Li Ming Geh, a neuroscientist-turned-top-fashion-model-turned-clean-beauty-founder, this is an expert session for those wanting to revamp their skincare routine and start their clean-beauty journey, featuring two best-selling products of Li Organics, the line founded by Carolyn rooted in naturopathic medicine, Southeast Asian ingredients and methods. Learn how to tell if a beauty product is “clean” and sustainable straight from the founder herself.


The Illumination Session

Hosted by Maven Jean Bromage, a 20-year certified Reiki Master and is a designated Certified Medical Reiki Master, allowing her to be present during surgery to offer Reiki to the patient (a practice that is part of the integrative healing program of top medical institutions like the esteemed Mayo Clinic), this is a one-on-one “energetic” meditation experience that helps the participant find clarity and focus. It’s designed to help one activate their energy towards their goals.


Revamping the Basics: Your New 7-Day Hair Routine

Hosted by Maven Brianna Davis, a licensed hairstylist and 10-year veteran specializing in clean-haircare (harsh-chemicals-free, holistic), this masterclass is turning haircare on its head through hair-and-scalp-education to reshape their product and haircare mindset.



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