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The Power of Random Acts of Kindness

Ever got a sincere compliment from a stranger and noticed how, try as you might to act like it was no big deal, you had an extra lift in your step afterward?

Such is the power of acts of kindness, particularly random ones. Their randomness means they’re unexpected, whether in terms of the source or type of kindness, and so the burst of goodwill naturally flows for whoever is on the receiving end of that act. Because our defenses are low, we’re less likely to ascribe doubt or jadedness to it. And what of the one who did the act? While there’s no official term for it, we’re confident that exuding a “glow of giving” should come pretty close to what they’re feeling.

This wonderful occasion is not just a day - tomorrow, Thursday, February 17. It’s also this entire week, from February 13 to 19. While we can and should celebrate this every day, we especially encourage you to join in today with your own act of kindness for our #WellnessWednesday Action Challenge. A few ideas, some of which are inspired by our friends at the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation:

  1. Giving a just-because “thank you” in-kind: Think of someone whose constant presence has been a source of support. While they probably have received your verbal thanks many times, extending one in kind would be a pleasant and much welcome surprise that will negate any notion of being taken for granted. The classics don’t fail, like a cafe mocha handed over to them with a sincere “I really appreciate being your teammate”, for example. It doesn’t need a precise subject of thanks - in fact, the more vague it is, the better. Gift cards that have a specific theme, like self-care or wellness, work just as well because you know they’ll personally benefit from it.

  2. Support a Stranger: Go on the opposite end of the spectrum and extend kindness to someone who may have nothing to do with you after an interaction. We’re big fans of sharing sincere compliments with those with whom we have transactional relationships: the customer rep on the phone, the cashier at the takeout counter, or just someone right next to you on the subway. For some of them, it’ll be a breath of fresh air that’ll surely put a smile on their face (or an undeniable joy in their laughter).

  3. #BeKindToYourself: Yup, you’re part of the celebration, and not just as the giver. Our default mode is to think of who can receive our acts of kindness when we can and should be the first ones to be kind to ourselves. And since we probably rarely do it, this act of kindness is as random as they come! Lily Agosto, a licensed esthetician and certified Reiki master who’s one of PureMaven’s experts, fuses self-kindness with everyday routines. “I try to meditate as soon as I get out of bed. For 20 minutes, I try to make myself ‘whole’, focusing on my breathing and clearing my head. It makes such a difference in how I tackle my day,” she says. Another tip for those who struggle to meditate - try doing a mundane ritual differently: “Slow down when you’re washing your face or drying yourself after a shower. Many times, it’s the only time in my day that you can really slow down, and it’s actually a form of mindfulness. By being in the moment, you can be extra kind to your skin and your body, especially when it’s not in the best shape. It can be very therapeutic and calming.”

With our co-working partner The Yard, we have shared earlier this week how we want to celebrate you with Random Gifts of Kindness with self-care and wellness treats, so we hope you can inspire by joining our Wellness Action Challenge:

  1. Follow both @theyard and @puremaven on Instagram so your participation gets a direct route to our inboxes

  2. Create a free PureMaven account (or have an existing one) to access more expert wellness guidance

  3. Share an Instagram post, reel, or story of any self-care act or random act of kindness that inspires using the hashtags #BeKindToYourself #WellnessWednesday and tagging both @theyard and @puremaven.

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