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From Zero to Hero: Expert-Picked Gifts for the Most Challenging Folks On Your List (Part 1)

Black Friday seems to start earlier every year, but despite the longer window for shopping, gift-giving doesn’t seem to get any easier. After getting the most challenging friends or family members on your list the safest crowd pleasers - whether that’s the latest kitchen gadget (we’re looking at you, air fryers and InstaPot), the Amazon puffer jacket, or whatever “it” item’s topping the yearly gift guides - we’re right back where we started. Every. Single. Year.

Mark Twain wrote: “Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.” Put another way, here at Puremaven, we’ve gotten into the habit of turning to true expertise - mainly our roster of mavens - to help us out in a personal bind or two, including when we’re stuck on deciding what to get our favorite people on special occasions. After all, with their years of training and experience in different areas of self-care, we figured these experts are in the best position to not only come to our rescue but also help us hit a home run each and every gift-giving time.

You may think you don’t have our insider access to such experts, but you’d be wrong for two happy reasons: one, we’ve put together this Maven Gift Guide (a two-parter, in fact!); and two, we’ve compiled the list to easily help you mix and match the best idea with the most challenging giftee on your list. Most importantly, whether it’s a glee-inducing product or a gift of experience, this list only has experts’ picks - or Maven Picks, as we love to call them - so you know you (and your hard-to-shop-for posse) are in great hands.

For that person in your life who is:

1. The Life of Every Party But Wants Zero Traces of It the Day After

If terms like “detox” and “lymphatic drainage massage” are both intriguing and intimidating, leave those worries behind. The Gua Sha Masterclass is an expert skincare-plus-wellness session that will teach your life of the party the most effective to get rid of toxins, water retention, and inflammation after endless celebrations. Led as a live & interactive class by Manhattan celebrity facialist and Maven Ildi Pekar (you’ll be in the leagues of Miranda Kerr and Ashley Park as fellow clients), this is an immune-system-boosting master session that comes with a luxurious, expertly curated complete product kit that has everything they’d need not just for this class but also a new ritual. And because it’s a virtual session, this is a gift that can reach them wherever they may be (the kit is conveniently shipped straight to your giftee for free anywhere in the contiguous USA). Think exquisite products in a box, PLUS live expert guidance included. It’s a Puremaven signature experience that leaves no doubt with your giftee about how much you care.

2. Always Time-Strapped, Calendar-Is-Full City Slicker Who Needs Multitasking Products Like No Other

Unfortunately, only Lady Gaga is born this way - the rest of us have to work at looking and feeling fab, and it oftentimes takes a village and a medicine cabinet full of skincare products to make it work. Enter the I PEKAR Newly-Reformulated Tissue Repair Serum, a powerhouse in a bottle formulated with skin-nurturing vitamins and rejuvenating acids combined with the healing effects of organic CBD. Before this new formulation launched, it was already a bestseller on the I PEKAR line and featured in InStyle Magazine, Allure, Vogue, Byrdie, and The Zoe Report. It’s frequently named one of the best serums in the market today. With nearly 3x the amount of CBD and ingenious formulation, this newly relaunched serum targets inflammation, pigmentation, dullness, signs of aging, dryness, and dehydration. Your giftee will be sporting a new skin glow that holiday lights will have nothing on them.

3. Ready to Embrace a “Whole New You” Version of Themselves and Vows 2023 Will Be Their Year

It is said we all need these three people in our lives - an accountant, a lawyer, and a priest. We enthusiastically would like to add “esthetician” to the list! Whether your giftee is stuck in a skincare rut or just ready to up their self-care quotient, a One-on-One Skincare Consultation with Maven Gabby Klizentyte will do wonders inside and out. This live & interactive virtual session gets them in front of a licensed professional who’ll ease them into a new and improved skincare routine. And because the session comes with product and booking credits, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Personalized, private, and professional, it’s one that’ll make a difference that lasts beyond that single session.

The best gifts say “I care” and “I know you” at the same time, and true self-care experts can help you figure out which ones say those things well. With this list, gift-giving can be rewarding - and fun! - both for you and the special folks in your life.

Editor’s Note: As Puremaven’s Black Friday Offer, any purchase of the above and other Maven Masterclasses and Maven One-on-Ones from today until Sunday, November 27, entitles each buyer with a bonus $20 Puremaven Gift Card, redeemable for one year on Puremaven. Gift Card will automatically appear in the buyer’s Puremaven account upon completion of the purchase.


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