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Maven Gift Guide Part 2: Expertly Picked Expert-Created Gifts Your Most Picky Giftees Will Love

Sixteen days until Christmas and our to-do list seems to just get longer no matter how much we cross off.

If you’re like us, adding to the stress is the fear of getting it “wrong”. The good news? There’s a tried-and-tested antidote to it, and it works almost 100% of the time: leave it to the experts.

We know how stressful the holiday season can be, so in the spirit of the true giving that this holiday calls for, we’re sharing what we know works - gifts created only by true experts and pros, including those we know first-hand (after all, being around self-care pros is one of the happy perks working at Puremaven).

Here is part 2 of our Maven Gift Guide, especially curated to include gifts created only by experts, and categorized to help you match any one of them with the right person on your list:

For the person in your life who:

1. Feels constantly stressed out because they take care of everything - and everyone - else

When you search “remedies to stress” online, most sites will tell you to “relax”. But when stress is causing chaos in your everyday life, the word “relax” does not exist in your dictionary. The Seven Chakras Powerclass is an expert-led session that will guide even the most anxiety-stricken person to activate their body’s innate healing capabilities through our inner energy wheels. Guided by a certified Reiki Master, this virtual masterclass is the perfect beginner session: your giftee will learn how to read their body’s responses to stress triggers and more importantly, how to manage them. A true mind-body-and-heart experience, this e-gift arrives in your giftee’s inbox on the date you specify and will come with a note you can customize. And because it’s a virtual experience, this is an expert gift your giftee will love wherever they may be. - Send this as a gift here 🎁

2. Is a bonafide foodie who daydreams about warm weather and/or Hawaii

Who doesn’t love donuts? Hawaii’s most iconic treat, malasadas, ships straight from Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery in Honolulu to wherever your giftee might be in the US. This choose-your-own box of delicious malasadas helps any giftee stay positive and reminisce about warmer days under the sun, even while stuck in 40-degree weather. If these malasadas are not their thing, Goldbelly has the most iconic gourmet foods from over 900 expert food makers from all over the US you can choose from. From Ina Garten’s Coconut Cakes to a box with everything that’s iconically New York, there is no shortage of expertly-created deliciousness to impress your giftees with this season. - Send this as a gift here 🎁

3. Has everything and is hard to impress

What do you get for the person who wants for nothing and seems to have all that their heart desires? This is no doubt a question that gets asked every year, with hardly a satisfying answer. In our experience, anything that requires little effort while delivering big usually does the job, which is something that the iS Clinical Fire & Ice Home Professional Peel achieves really well. It is a virtual, live & interactive one-on-one session with a licensed skincare professional certified to guide someone throughout this treatment expertly. Designed by the professional and celebrity-loved skincare brand iS Clinical, it is also known as the “Hollywood Red Carpet Peel'' an instantly rejuvenating, results-driven, multi-step treatment that will resurface the skin, treat problematic skin, reduce fine lines, and encourage cellular renewal - something celebs put to good use right before a big event (thus the name). It comes with a professionally curated kit that has all the products the treatment uses, and Puremaven ensures that a licensed esthetician certified by iS Clinical guides you from start to finish while you’re in the comfort of your own home. And because it is a virtual session, any hard-to-please giftee will be easy to gift with it anywhere in the US (free shipping included). Like the other Puremaven gifts on this list, this e-gift arrives in your giftee’s inbox on the date you specify and will come with a note you can customize. - Send this gift here 🎁

4. Loves the idea of getting fit, having fun, and stepping out of their comfort zone in one go

Fitness can get boring. The same repetitive pilates or cycling classes can cause anyone to lose motivation to stay fit. An online dance classes subscription care of Steezy is just what the fitness doctor ordered.. Featured in Forbes, Los Angeles Times, CNBC, and Insider, the “studio that moves with you” has over 1500 online classes and programs for dancers of all levels and all types. Your giftee’s just starting out? No worries, Steezy’s online tools will allow them to groove with the top choreographers’ on-demand programs designed to build confidence, get in shape, and kill it while learning a variety of dance styles. - Send this gift here 🎁

5. Has a vanity piled up with products because nothing seems to stick with their routine

We all have that someone whose bathroom looks like a Sephora stockroom or perhaps that someone is even ourselves. No shame, however. We know that finding a skincare routine that sticks, especially for sensitive skin, is hard. For that person in your life, From Sensitive to Glowing Skin: A Clean Beauty Primer Ritual masterclass is the perfect gift. A live & interactive virtual session that comes with the Puremaven exclusive Li Organic Detoxing and Cell Renewal Trio Product Kit, this unique self-care expert experience is created and hosted by a neuroscientist-turned-fashion-model-and-beauty-founder who will guide your giftee through an expert step-by-step clean beauty starter routine with the included full-sized premium products to nourish their skin. Just like the first two Puremaven gifts on this list, this e-gift arrives in your giftee’s inbox on the date you specify and will come with a note you can customize. Send this gift here 🎁

Consider the hard part of gift shopping done, because with this Maven Gift Guide, the experts - and only experts - have your back!


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